Minimally Invasive Blepharoplasty Or Eyelid Tuck, The Pinch Blepharoplasty For Sagging, Excess Lower Eyelid Skin}

Submitted by: Brooke Seckel

The lower eyelids are the first facial feature to show signs of facial aging and blepharoplasty, the plastic surgery operation used to rejuvenate the eyelids is one of the most common plastic surgery operations performed today. Many patients seeking blepharoplasty have puffy lower eyelids, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, and loose skin. Advanced eyelid aging changes such as these require a more complex blepharoplasty that includes fat removal or repositioning, arcus marginalis release, skin tightening or removal and canthopexy, a procedure that tightens the lower eyelid.

However, many patients only have excess or lax lower eyelid skin, which is most noticeable beneath the lateral or outer corner of the eye, and do not have the puffiness and laxity of more severely aged lower eyelids. For these individuals a minimally invasive blepharoplasty technique called the pinch blepharoplasty can provide very satisfactory results with minimal postoperative recovery time. Typically the pinch blepharoplasty can be done with local anesthesia, avoiding the need for general anesthesia.

The pinch blepharoplasty involves making a small incision in a normal skin line or crows foot just beside the corner of the eye where the upper and lower eyelid meet. The incision is then extended beneath the eyelashes for about a centimeter or inch. This incision may be made with a scalpel although I use the CO2 Ultrapulse Encore laser, which eliminates bleeding and bruising, and results in much quicker recovery.

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Through this tiny incision the excess eyelid skin and muscle is loosened, and the loose tissue pulled upward and to the side towards the ear. The excess skin and muscle is then excised with the laser with minimal or no bleeding.

Next, the lower eyelid muscle is tightened with an orbiculopexy. A small suture is placed in the outside corner of the lower eyelid muscle and then sutured to the tissues of the outer upper corner of the eyelid. This maneuver tightens the entire lower eyelid giving the lower eyelid a tight youthful appearance.

The skin of the lower eyelid is then closed with 3 to 4 tiny sutures, which are removed in 5-6 days.

The pinch blepharoplasty is a simple, minimally invasive blepharoplasty technique with effective results and minimal down time when properly performed on the appropriate patient. It is appropriate for younger patients with early signs of eyelid aging that include loose bunchy lower eyelid skin, which is, most noticeable at the outer corner of the eyelid. It is not however, an adequate blepharoplasty technique for patients who have more advanced lower eyelid aging changes such as puffy eyes, eyelid bags, dark circles under the eyes, loose lower eyelid, and moderate sagging or loose lower eyelid skin.

Brooke R. Seckel, M.D., FACS

About the Author: Dr Brooke R. Seckel, Asst. Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School was recently named a Top Doctor in Boston by Boston Magazine. He is also listed as one of the Best Doctors in America. Dr Seckel is an internationally recognized expert in Plastic Surgery. Dr Seckels office is in Boston at 617-262-2208 or at


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Amnesty report’s criticisms rejected by Bush administration

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, compared the United States detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to a Soviet-era gulag in that it is “entrenching the practice of arbitrary and indefinite detention in violation of international law,” she said.

The group’s Executive Director William Schulz, on Fox News Sunday, said in response to questioning that they do not “know for sure” whether or not testimonies it has published describing torture and abuse of prisoners by sections of the U.S. military are valid because the U.S. will not give access to the camp to investigate them. [1]

He also said he has no conclusive evidence that U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, ordered torture of detainees at the facility. Schulz had previously referred to “apparent high-level architects of torture,”, and included Donald Rumsfeld in that group. [2]

Director Schulz stated that comparing the installation to a gulag was perhaps not the best choice of words. “…they (detainees) are not in forced labor, they are not being denied food. But,” he continued,” there are some analogies between the gulags and our detention facilities.” Schulz alleged that U.S. officials are “running an archipelago of detention facilities,” some secret. The report also describes “ghost” detainees who “disappear” and the export of prisoners to countries that are known to practice torture.

During his appearance, Schulz argued that his and other human rights groups should be given broader access to the facility. “We don’t know for sure what all is happening at Guantanamo,” he said, “and our whole point is that the United States ought to allow independent human rights organizations to investigate.” The treatment of prisoners at the facility has been in hot dispute recently, with Amnesty International comparing the facility to a “gulag” in its annual human rights report. Bush administration officials condemned the comparison.

On Friday, the U.S. government released documents indicating that both guards and detainees at the facility had on a few occasions abused the Qur’an, the Muslim holy book.

Prisoners and ex-prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have testified that they have been tortured. David Hicks, still being held, filed an affidavit on August 5, 2004 [3] declaring that he had been tortured, abused and ill-treated during his detention by US military authorities, and that he saw and heard similar treatment inflicted on other detainees. Mamdouh Habib, now free, says about his time at Guantanamo Bay that he was told by interrogators that his family had been killed, and that he was tied to the ground while a prostitute menstruated on him. Professor Christopher Tennant of Sydney University also stated he saw an unsigned medical report from Guantanamo Bay that backed up Habib’s claim to have been beaten while in US custody;

“Well, the main feature of the medical report from Guantanamo was that he had had repeatedly blood in his urine, which is a very significant symptom and a worrying symptom, and that was consistent with his reports both to me and to the specialist physician who also examined him, and was consistent with the fact that, on examination, he had evidence of discolouration to his skin on his right loin, just over his kidney, which in turn was consistent with old bruising and possibly due to being beaten.”

Compost Bin That Smell Means It’s Working}

Submitted by: Richard H.

Recycling is a noble effort in which everyone should participate. Sadly, the inconveniences sometimes faced by potential recyclers are enough to dissuade them from actively taking part in the green movement. What better alternative than to easily dispose of trash and recycle at the same time? With a compost bin, that becomes a possibility. The days of painstakingly separating paper and plastic will be over with the acquisition of a compost bin. Composting relies on trash and food scraps, and the process is as simple as dumping those things into a bin and letting nature do the rest of the work. As the refuse decomposes, a valuable fertilizer is produced. Not only has trash been reused, but its actually useful!

Minor separation is a necessity, though. Basically, biodegradable items like vegetable peelings and uneaten food are ideal fodder for a compost bin. The bin itself is (usually) placed outdoors, while scraps are steadily fed into it. The sun and oxygen take care of the science, breaking down the materials into usable fertilizer. The organic substances provide ideal nutrition for plants, and it all comes from your home! Compost is fairly simple to produce and saves money and time that may have been spent at the hardware store lugging around heavy bags of manure. That is definitely something to consider the next time you are at the grocery store, as eggs and coffee will do the same work with much less effort.

Compost bins come in a number of styles. The bins are usually simple, and will not take up an excessive amount of space. One thing to consider though is that the smell may be something you will want to keep away from nearby doors and windows. A quiet corner of the backyard is a perfect place for a compost bin. Many bins are designed to be placed either on grass or concrete. This guarantees that no matter what sort of landscaping your home has, you will be able to place a bin nearly anywhere. Bear in mind though, that the typical bin is open-bottomed. Any compost contained therein will come into contact with the ground.

The bin should be placed in an area that will receive a fair amount of sunlight and minimal wind. Wind blowing through the slats will dry out the compost. Sunlight is very necessary as it raises the temperature of the compost inside the bin to proper levels for successful decomposition. Excessive dampness should also be avoided, as it will adversely affect the decomposition. Despite the fact that compost is essentially decomposing organic material, there should not be an overly offensive odor coming from the bin. If this occurs, then it may be due to the placement of the bin in an area that is too damp. A level of moisture that is too high will lead to a smell that wont be too pleasant. The normal smell emanating from a bin that indicates all is going well is something similar to dirt or earth. Think of a forest after rainfall.

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Controversy erupts over German Anarchist Pogo Party’s campaign ad

Thursday, September 8, 2005

The German Anarchist Pogo Party ran a campaign ad (Download hereNSFW) which, instead of discussing the party’s politics, featured various party scenes set to a heavy metal soundtrack. The spot included revellers smashing furniture, pouring beer down each other’s throats, and women dancing topless. The spot ends with the proclamation: “My vote for the rubbish”.

The ARD refused to air the ad because it “violates the human dignity” and showed only a heavily censored version at an earlier airtime. The Party then sued the station and got an injuction by an appeal court in Münster only minutes before the next ad was due, forcing the ARD to air the spot uncensored, right before their evening news flagship.

The ad has offended a number of people, but has likely gained the party nationwide attention among its younger demographics who could access campaign websites online ( The Hamburg-based APPD and every other party is entitled by law to free television airtime on Germany’s public TV Station ARD and ZDF for its advertisements because it is an officially registered political party competing for the upcoming federal elections. Its next ad is scheduled for Monday night, although broadcasting authorities may again censor the ad.

The party has a membership of approximately 750 — German newspapers posit that the ads will have little impact on the upcoming election.

Author Amy Scobee recounts abuse as Scientology executive

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wikinews interviewed author Amy Scobee about her book Scientology – Abuse at the Top, and asked her about her experiences working as an executive within the organization. Scobee joined the organization at age 14, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005. She served as a Scientology executive in multiple high-ranking positions, working out of the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base”, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California.

Post-mortem examination reveals Stephen Gately “died of natural causes”

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An autopsy performed on Tuesday revealed that the late Boyzone singer Stephen Gately “had died of natural causes”.

Officials from the Spanish island of Majorca that Stephen had suffered from an accumulation of fluid on the lungs, or as it is known in scientific terms, a pulmonary edema. The 33-year-old singer was found dead on a sofa in the lounge of his apartment. He had been out of the accommodation for the night while he was partying with Andrew Cowles, who was his partner.

There was a court hearing held earlier today in Majorca. The hearing only lasted for a short time. The judge had decided that the family of Stephen Gately would be allowed to take his body back to the Republic of Ireland, the country in which Gately grew up and had lived in, by plane. After discovering Stephen’s death, the other members of Boyzone took a plane flight to Majorca, so as to comfort Andrew Cowles. They have now flown back to their homes.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 5 Primary Benefits Of Pressure Cooking}

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – 5 Primary Benefits Of Pressure Cooking


Joan Whitlock

1. Healthier Cooking

Well, health is a really important to most people so why not to start there. Are you curious what is so healthy about pressure cooking? What is so healthy about pressure cooking is the steam. Steam stays inside of the pressure cooker for the entire cooking time. That means that you don’t have to add too much water to boil the food. Also, the steams that comes out of the food gets back into the food again. So all the moisture from the food, which contains important nutrients (the good stuff!), stays in your food. That is why the pressure cooking is the healthiest compared to all cooking alternatives.

As you probably already know, frying or baking with oils and fats is not good for you, and cooking in a normal pan does not provide you with as many nutrients as the pressure cooked food. And, with the pressure cooker it is nearly impossible to burn anything! Well, unless you accidentally leave the pressure cooker on the fire for a day or two…

YouTube Preview Image

2. The Food Prepared With a Pressure Cooker Tastes Better

Here we get back to the steam again. The steam is the main reason of the better taste of the food. The actual food flavour is in the steam. Keeping the steam inside during the cooking makes food also tastier. And that is why the food prepared with the pressure cooker simply tastes better.

The pressure cooker is able to create and keep a higher temperature than the regular pan therefore the food cooks quicker. Pulses gain a “creamy” consistency and meat falls apart. Yummy.

3. Pressure Cooking Is Much Quicker

Cooking with a stainless steel pressure cooker will save you time as it is much quicker then normal cooking. Heating up the pressure cooker is quicker then a normal pan and the temperature reached with a pressure cooking is higher. And the pressure cooker keeps the higher temperature for longer time. Result: fast food (that is healthy!) For example: Chicken falls off the bone in 15 minutes. Stuffed green peppers are done in 5 minutes. Meatloaf in 20 minutes. Kidney beans in less then 10 minutes etc. I am sure you can think of better ways to spend your time then guarding pans in the kitchen. Let’s move on to another advantage of a stainless steel pressure cooker.

4. Energy and Money Saving

I just showed you how using the pressure cooker can save you time that you could be better spent with your family or for hobbies. But this amazing piece of kitchenware also saves energy. Whether you use a gas or electric cooker, with a stainless steel pressure cooker it will take less time, so you’ll use less gas or electricity!

Comparing to the traditional cooking, the pressure cooker will help you to save up to 70 percent of your time and money! That is quite significant, don’t you think?

5. No More Washing Up By Hand

This last benefit will make your cooking even easier… You can actually put a stainless steel pressure cooker into a dishwasher. Relief, isn’t it?

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Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – 5 Primary Benefits Of Pressure Cooking


A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England

Monday, May 9, 2005

At the Sellafield reprocessing plant, a leak in the process was spotted on April 19. The leak did not cause danger to people or the environment but it disturbed the normal operation of the plant.

Workers at the plant noticed a discrepancy in the amount of material being reprocessed that enters pipes that lead to a set of centrifuges and the amount of material actually arriving at the centrifuges. They used remote cameras to find the crack where the material was escaping; over twenty tonnes have leaked into a steel lined chamber.

The material, consisting of mostly uranium and some plutonium dissolved in nitric acid, would have been reprocessed in the centrifuges. The large stainless steel chamber that now contains the spilled material is too dangerous to enter due to radioactivity, though it poses no danger to those inside or outside the plant.

The plant has been shut down pending repairs.

Oil leaking container ship might cause environmental catastrophe

Sunday, January 21, 2007

In the United Kingdom, an anti-pollution operation is under way after the stricken ship MSC Napoli started to leak dangerous heavy fuel oil.

The heavy fuel oil that is leaking from the beached Italian ship is extremely dangerous for the environment. Fear of pollution increased after the ship was further damaged during storms last Thursday. MSC Napoli was beached by Devon coastguards after it suffered heavy structual damage in the gale force storms of Thursday, 18 January 2007, that wreaked havoc across Northern Europe. The ship, which contains 160 containers of hazardous chemical substances, is listing at 35 degrees.

The entire 26-man crew was rescued by navy helicopters Thursday after severe gales. Cracks were found on both sides of the ship, but the current oil leak was not expected.

Around 2,400 containers were carried by the 62,000 tonne ship, some of which contain potentially dangerous hazardous chemicals.

The Coastguards have reported that up to 200 of the containers carrying materials such as perfume and battery acid are loose from the ship and they are looking for missing containers. South African stainless steel producer Columbus Stainless confirmed on Friday that there was at least 1,000 tonnes of nickel on board MSC Napoli.

A hole in the ship flooded the engine room and there’s now fears that the ship will break up. Saturday MSC Napoli was towed to Portland when a ”structural failure” forced the salvage team to beach it. As the storms have continued MSC Napoli has been further damaged.

The authorities have warned people about the pollution, which already has reached the beaches at Devon, but many want to see it on their own. Police have closed Branscombe Beach as more than 20 containers have broken up scattering their contents along the beach.

Sky News reported Sunday that the costs of the accident might be very high as thousands of pounds worth of BMW motorbikes, car parts, empty oak barrels and perfume might get lost in flooding containers.

A Harmless Fruit Turns Into A Deadly Killer}

Submitted by: Ashley Rosa

The curious case of strange deaths in Muzaffarpur remaining the majority of the epidemic experts and doctors puzzled. The quantity of the deceased seemed to be growing at a fast pace without valid rhyme or reason.

Above the past three years, when summer was at its peak in mid-May, there were many circumstances of children waking up with convulsions, high fever and loud cries. Not only kids, aged healthy individuals used to make a complaint of sudden seizures and inexplicably slip into a coma. As strange as this might sound, The situation would automatically stop from July onwards, with the onset of monsoon.

A few attributed it to heating stroke, others credited it to pest infections and pesticide poisoning. But, no person could solve the weird outbreak in India. Departing no fixed pattern, it might strike any random child without showing any obvious trace of symptom in the siblings or playmates.

Struggling to search for an explanation, Dr Rajesh Yadav, an investigator with the India Epidemic Intellect Service, moved to the location of Muzaffarpur and strongly observed the cycle of events for three long years. The main reason has finally been unearthed, and it really shocking.

On Tuesday, a joint research published by India’s Country wide Center for Disease Control and the India office of the Centers for Disease Control and Reduction in Atlanta published a written report identifying the cause of this phenomenon. Dismisses, the generally safe organic products lychee, when consumed on an empty stomach by malnourished children causes loss of life.

In 2015, when health officials instructed parents to feed a healthy night meal for their children rather than the fruit, the quantity of fatalities subsequently dropped into the almost 50 per cent.

Those men used to suffer from an acute brain lump often known as encephalopathy. Over many years of research, doctors realised that many sick and tired children did not have fever. An analysis of their spinal fluid confirmed that they didn’t have an elevated count of white blood cells, suggesting that their body was fighting infection.

Some children had extremely lower levels of glucose, which intended they were twice as likely to die.

A conference call with acquaintances in Atlanta led the researchers to be aware of a “Jamaican nausea sickness”, which had similar symptoms like convulsions, mental illness and brain lump. There was a certain link to it as east Muzaffarpur produces almost 70 per cent of India’s lychee harvest, and the fruit – akinto ackee – even offers high levels of hypoglycin, and a similar contaminant known as methylenecyclopropyl glycine, or MCPG. Children often used to eat the unripe lychees lying on the floor.Since everyone in the region ate lychees,no person previously linked fruits with the illness or deaths. A test to determine hypoglycin in urine exposed alarming levels in the afflicted kids.

Based on these findings, families were asked to make certain the children had healthy meals and were made to minimize the consumption of lychees, specifically steering clear of unripe ones.

The takeaway for the rest of the world from this? Be suspicious before eating unripe lychees on an empty tummy!

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