Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 5 Primary Benefits Of Pressure Cooking}

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – 5 Primary Benefits Of Pressure Cooking


Joan Whitlock

1. Healthier Cooking

Well, health is a really important to most people so why not to start there. Are you curious what is so healthy about pressure cooking? What is so healthy about pressure cooking is the steam. Steam stays inside of the pressure cooker for the entire cooking time. That means that you don’t have to add too much water to boil the food. Also, the steams that comes out of the food gets back into the food again. So all the moisture from the food, which contains important nutrients (the good stuff!), stays in your food. That is why the pressure cooking is the healthiest compared to all cooking alternatives.

As you probably already know, frying or baking with oils and fats is not good for you, and cooking in a normal pan does not provide you with as many nutrients as the pressure cooked food. And, with the pressure cooker it is nearly impossible to burn anything! Well, unless you accidentally leave the pressure cooker on the fire for a day or two…

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2. The Food Prepared With a Pressure Cooker Tastes Better

Here we get back to the steam again. The steam is the main reason of the better taste of the food. The actual food flavour is in the steam. Keeping the steam inside during the cooking makes food also tastier. And that is why the food prepared with the pressure cooker simply tastes better.

The pressure cooker is able to create and keep a higher temperature than the regular pan therefore the food cooks quicker. Pulses gain a “creamy” consistency and meat falls apart. Yummy.

3. Pressure Cooking Is Much Quicker

Cooking with a stainless steel pressure cooker will save you time as it is much quicker then normal cooking. Heating up the pressure cooker is quicker then a normal pan and the temperature reached with a pressure cooking is higher. And the pressure cooker keeps the higher temperature for longer time. Result: fast food (that is healthy!) For example: Chicken falls off the bone in 15 minutes. Stuffed green peppers are done in 5 minutes. Meatloaf in 20 minutes. Kidney beans in less then 10 minutes etc. I am sure you can think of better ways to spend your time then guarding pans in the kitchen. Let’s move on to another advantage of a stainless steel pressure cooker.

4. Energy and Money Saving

I just showed you how using the pressure cooker can save you time that you could be better spent with your family or for hobbies. But this amazing piece of kitchenware also saves energy. Whether you use a gas or electric cooker, with a stainless steel pressure cooker it will take less time, so you’ll use less gas or electricity!

Comparing to the traditional cooking, the pressure cooker will help you to save up to 70 percent of your time and money! That is quite significant, don’t you think?

5. No More Washing Up By Hand

This last benefit will make your cooking even easier… You can actually put a stainless steel pressure cooker into a dishwasher. Relief, isn’t it?

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Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – 5 Primary Benefits Of Pressure Cooking