Cpi Training Develops And Delivers Custom Industrial Training

CPI Training Develops and Delivers Custom Industrial Training


Patrick Hohol

In June 2010, CPI Training entered into a National Capacity Building project with Newmont Mines Ghana. Phase 1 of this project was to assess, develop, and begin to deliver training in welding, mechanical maintenance, instrumentation, and electrical maintenance.

CPI training believes it is critical to establish Subject Matter Experts (SME) within the country they do business. For long term sustainability, it is imperative industry experts from the country or companies are provided the skills to perform their own training. Utilizing its global network of instructors and subject matter experts, CPI Training secured resources from across Canada (Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta) and Australia to develop and deliver Custom Industrial Training to assist Newmont Mines Ghana with building the capacity of Ghanaian citizens in technical skills.

In order to build the capacity of a nation it is critical to develop curriculum with and for industry. CPI Training emphasizes a competency based approach to curriculum design, involving subject matter experts from industry in the DACUM process. Beyond DACUM process CPI Training can perform gap analysis to customize programs to specifically meet the needs of a client.

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CPI Training uses established competency education models to assist governments and companies in developing training institutions, training centres, and On-the-Job Training (OJT) programs. One of the key tools used by CPI Training on this project was Performance Instruction a consolidated training for trainers program that involves the application of competency-based education theory to curriculum planning, delivery and evaluation.

Corporations like Newmont realize the importance of building a nation s capacity through education. For both Newmont and Ghana, providing technical skills training is a win/win for both parties. Newmont acquires local skilled labour that is stable, reliable, and long term. For Ghana, their citizens are given the opportunity to learn and provide income for themselves and their families.

CPI Training is a training project management firm that provides talent management for its clients across Canada and around the globe. CPI Training provides customized, quality programming, including Custom Industrial Training.

Whether you would like to arrange a half day leadership session for your management team, a full day sales seminar for your front line staff, or a weeklong retreat for your senior leadership team, CPI Training has the resources and experience to create turn-key solutions for organizations of any size.

Browse through an online directory of instructors, subject matter experts and curriculum developers to find a facilitator that fits your organizations training and development needs, or let CPI Training recommend a facilitator that is best suited for your intended outcomes.

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