The Buy Facebook Fans Community Is A Dishonest One!}

Submitted by: Gene Crowder

Today, a lot of services online allow businesses with fan pages to buy Facebook fans. On a side note, likes and fans mean the same thing. Facebook recently changed this because being a “fan” seems like too much commitment. Some services offer fans for as low as fifteen to thirty dollars!

Considering that Facebook influences one in five purchasing decisions, this seems like an amazing deal. But is it too good to be legitimate? The truth is that the majority of these services are not legitimate at all. I know this is true because my company used to try out these Facebook fan-selling websites. So I have seen how the entire industry works. When we first offered our Facebook services, we tried out fan packages of 1k to 5k fans. We turned to suppliers who were across the world in India, Pakistan and Singapore.

These suppliers all promised that their fans were the real deal. They would be 100% real, targeted Facebook users. Targeted means they are all from a certain country such as the United States or Australia. I decided to go ahead and try out their services and offer them to our clients.

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The fan quality was absolute crap. We’ve tried many suppliers and not a single one gave us real fans. The small percentage who were able to provide real fans used a blackhat trick called clickjacking. They basically used a script that FORCED Facebook users to “like” a fan page. Our clients would see negative message on their walls like, “How did I become a fan of this crap?!”. If you buy Facebook fans, you’re pretty much guaranteed fans that aren’t real.

I know a lot of services promise only real fans. And I’ve used these. At a quick glance, these fans appeared real; they had multiple profile pictures, a few hundred friends and information about them filled out. However, upon closer inspection, it turned out these people were actually fake. They all had the same profile layouts, meaning they were being created by a piece of software. And when I messaged them, I never got any responses. And I wont even mention the suppliers who promised to deliver fans, asked for an upfront payment and never contacted us ever again.

Even if these are real people, they are unlikely to be interested in your fan page. So there’s no point in having them? You might be thinking, Lots of likes is social proof. You’re correct, but the powerful social proof factor of Facebook pages is more dependent on fan activity on your wall, not just how many fans you have. What happens when someone sees that you have 10,000 fans, but zero comments on your wall? This incongruence will probably raise red flags. They may even know that you buy Facebook fans and lose trust in your company.

The main reason buying Facebook likes is not worth your time that these fans don’t actually help your business! None of the businesses I’ve talked to who bought Facebook fans reported any increase in sales from these fans! I felt pretty embarrassed and knew I had to get out of buy Facebook fans business because the whole industry is pretty much a scam. (We refunded a lot of our clients).

Perhaps there are trustworthy services that do deliver real, interested fans to fan pages. But they sure as hell wont be charging under $100 for 1000 fans.

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