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Dog tags are identification tags that are made for pets and for people. The armed forces put ID tags on chains to hang around soldiers necks so that they always have their identifying information on their person. People put identifying dog tags on their dogs collars with the dogs information engraved into them in case the dogs get loose and run off. Customized dog tag necklaces are a very popular form of jewellery, too.

Dog Tags for Pets

Pet owners very often buy identifying dog tags to hang from the collars of their pets. These pet ID tags will typically include the name of the pet, the owners address and their telephone number. If the pet runs away or is lost, the person who finds it will certainly first check for identifying dog tags to give the owner a call or bring the pet home. If there are no ID tags on the pet, then most people will call their local humane society to pick the lost pet up. This can be very expensive for a pet owner because they will have to pay fines and expenses in order to retrieve their beloved pet from the pound. Simple identifying dog tags can prevent this expense, as well as the trauma that the pet endures by being kept in a cage at the pound while waiting for you.

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Military Dog Tags

The United States Armed Forces use identifying dog tags in much the same way as pet owners do. The difference in these ID tags is that they are larger and provide different information on them. Military ID tags will include the soldiers name, rank and serial number. The reason for so little information is that in the case that the soldier is taken as a prisoner of war the hostage takers will not be able to extract his information from his tags. Military ID tags are also important if a soldier is injured or killed in action so that they can be identified and the families notified. A soldiers identifying dog tags are an important part of his uniform and he had better not be caught without them while on duty.

Dog Tag Necklaces

Customized dog tag necklaces are a very popular form of jewellery, especially in these days with so many of our young men and women at war overseas. Many people wear customized dog tag necklaces to show their support of our military forces. Spouses and children of military soldiers will have customized dog tag necklaces made in honour of their loved one who is serving, or who has fallen in war. Customized dog tag necklaces are a wonderful gift to give because they can be customized with anything you want engraved on them, and they can be quite inexpensive for a gift that will have so much meaning.

Buying ID tags and customized dog tag necklaces can be difficult if youre not sure where to find them. Usually they will need to be special ordered with specifications of what you want engraved on them. You are likely to have the best luck finding and ordering dog tags online.

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