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Traditionally roman blinds are made from medium weight cotton fabrics which are durable and robust, however with the general public and interior design stylists realising the potential roman blinds made with delicate sheer fabrics such as voile and organza, the use of sheer fabric roman blinds has become an extremely popular way to dress a window and remove the necessity of net curtaining when privacy is required. Many of these fine fabric roman blinds are available with beads and sequins sewn onto them or incorporated into pointed tassel ends to move away from the normal straight edges.

Roman blinds made from sensuous faux silks are available in a wide variety of bright vibrant colours as well as dark sexy blacks and browns. These are ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere and when coordinated with subtle table lighting and boudoir scatter cushions look incredibly funky and fashionable.

Available in a wide variety of width and length sizes roman blinds are suitable to use for windows of any size. Long narrow, windows typically found on a landing or stairs can be effectively dressed with a roman blind as the cleat can be fixed low down for easy operating. It is possible to buy roman blinds which offer a choice to which side the draw strings are on, alternatively they can be changed over by re-threading the blind. Roman blind kits provide all the necessary parts, except the fabric, required to make a bespoke roman blind at home, the choice of which side the draw cords are fixed is then simply a matter of personal choice.

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Many ready made roman blinds come complete with a lining or interface to help reduce fabric fading and to help provide both heat retention and heat loss from a room. Made to measure roman blinds offer a wide choice of different interfacing and fabric choices.

The different fabric designs and patterns of roman blinds are vast which enables home dcor and furnishings to be matched or coordinated with ease. An alternative style of roman blind which offers a soft curvaceous look to a window are roman blinds which have contrasting edges which are decorated with ribbon bows, the bows add a touch of delicate femininity to a room.

For a natural look wood weave roman blinds offered in a variety of different woods provide a warm atmosphere to a room and some unusual diffused light effects during the day. This style of roman blind is popular for use in conservatory and sun rooms and rooms which overlook gardens, being the ideal way to bring a touch of nature right inside a room.

Roman blinds are extremely easy to fit, as they need no specific rails or tracks, they are usually hung or suspended from two or three ceiling fixings depending on the width of the blind and the weight of the fabric used. With the huge assortment of different fabric styles and designs there are roman blinds available to suit all budgets, each providing a very practical and economical way to dress a window.

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