Luxury Plum Perfume By Mary Greenwell

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Plum, by Mary Greenwell, is a chic, sensual, youthful, luxury perfume from world-renowned make-up artist, Mary Greenwell.

Mary Greenwell is an iconic British figure in the beauty and style industry, and after starting her career in Paris and New York as a make-up artist, her career saw her make over some of the most renowned models in the world, helping to promote huge premium brands within the industry. With this giving her the best possible insight into the industry, she launched her own, self-titled brand, and since launching her designer perfume, Plum, this has gone from strength to strength.

A classic luxury perfume, yet described as a modern chypre, Plum has notes of apple, blackberry, orange, and oakmoss, leaving a pleasant, lasting trail behind anyone who spritzes it. What s more, Plum is all about femininity and joy, and is a chic and warm designer perfume that s perfect to be worn for any occasion.

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Plum is a luxury perfume range that includes not only an eau de toilette, but also a solid eau de parfum and a handy handbag sized spray too. At 25 for 7.5ml of the Plum perfume, it fits perfectly into any sized handbag and means that no one need go without designer perfume in their lives. The eau de toilette perfume comes in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml, priced at 60 and 100 respectively. There s also a solid eau de parfum, which is 3 grams, costing 70. Presented in a round ball, the gold top twists off effortlessly, mirroring the type of scent it is. With the possibility of either using it alone or teamed with the luxury perfume itself, every woman is sure to smell gorgeous when wearing Plum.

The scent of Plum is quite florally yet chic, smelling every bit how a designer perfume should, but it isn t too heavy either. Whether you like to spritz your perfume for a day out with the kids, a night out with the girls, or for an important business meeting, it s a luxury perfume that s sure to complement every type of woman.

Everything about Plum is luxurious, from the simple yet classy glass bottle of the eau de toilette, to the solid gold ball of the parfum. Every little detail of the Plum products, including the packaging of them, is the epitome of luxury. Whilst the scents of most designer perfumes disappear throughout the day, Plum is different as the scent lingers for hours. Whether sprayed five minutes ago, or 5 hours ago, the scent remains.

With reviewers of the luxury perfume hailing it as a perfume no one should have to live without , a designer perfume that provides a skin of warmth and happiness , and a comfortable and uplifting luxury perfume that could easily be worn forever , Plum is perfectly summed up in a nutshell.

Get your hands on a designer perfume and buy Plum today, from the Mary Greenwell website at, or from the House of Fraser department store or website. There s plenty to choose from, so check out the luxury perfume by Mary Greenwell today to make sure you don t miss out!

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